One app to simplify cash management,


by businesses.

Spend smarter

Automate cash management

Speed up expense reporting

Improve efficiency

Tired of managing petty cash?

Simplefin makes it easy to manage petty cash by replacing cash and physical receipts with prepaid cards and a software solution.

Business owners

Business owners who are having a hard time managing their store-credit, petty-cash, or cash-advances.

Who is it for?

Benefits of using our product

Say NO to cash

No more handling of cash

Use Simplefin prepaid card

to make everyday transactions.

No more handling of receipts

Use our mobile application to take

a picture of the receipts for future use.

Full control over money

Cash disbursement

Use Simplefin mobile application to send cash to your employee's cards instantly!

Complete control over money

Set spending limits on each card. Set usage restrictions at POS, Online, and ATMs.

Safe and Secure

Block/Unblock cards instantly with a single click.

Notifications in real-time

Real-time view of transactions

Every time your employees make a transaction you get a notification.

Categorize your transactions

Set categories for expenses. Track and analyze expenses across multiple categories.

Ease of doing transactions

UPI & QR-code transactions

Make UPI & QR code transactions right from Simplefin mobile application.

Cashback on  card transactions

Do a transaction through Simplefin Prepaid card and get cashback directly into your account.

Manage multiple branches

Branch management 

Issue cards to multiple branches and control all the branches from Simplefin mobile application.

Track card wise expenses and balances

Check what expenses have been made by each card. Check the balances of each card with a single click at any time.


No more cash handling

Real-time notifications of spends

Automate expense reporting

Block/unblock cards with a single click

Set limits on POS, ATM and Online transactions

Manage multiple branches from Simplefin mobile application

Cashback on card transactions


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